I have 20 years’ experience in copyediting, line editing and proofreading. I’ve edited more than 100 books, served as the deputy copy chief at Time magazine and worked as a legal editor and newspaper copy editor. I have extensive experience editing both fiction and nonfiction.


I edit for proper grammar, consistency, spelling and style, as well as some light fact-checking of names and places. I will also create a style sheet for the project, which includes crucial names, facts and word spellings. This does not cover plot, overall structure or other large overhauls in structure or writing, nor does it cover research or in-depth fact checking.

Line Editing

This is a deeper edit of a manuscript to address structure, plot, repetition, factual questions and larger writing issues.


This addresses misspellings, design and typographical errors but does not address larger issues with the content.

Website Editing and Functionality Testing

I can provide a complete review of the writing and functionality on your website to ensure professional, coherent branding. This includes testing hyperlinks, creating a style sheet for the website, which you can use for future writing, and ensuring that grammar and spelling are correct. 

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